CulbertIkookie is a home improvement solutions service, built especially to make home maintenance and repairs easier, faster and cheaper. In the 21st century, no homeowner should be left feeling anxious about home improvement, losing sleep, worrying about finances and results. Not only do we have the technology available to make home maintenance more effective, but we also have the skills, knowledge and experience need to streamline processes, cut costs and achieve better results.

I’m Culbert Cunha, and I believe in the potential that surrounds us in this century. Growing up in Maryland in the 70s and 80s, I saw my parents face sleepless nights because they worried about home repairs. As we moved into the 90s and technology jumped forward, I realized now is the time to act. We needed to use technology to our advantage, and so I created Ikookie- a home improvement solutions service that combined technology with innovation and inspiration. After many years in the industry, I am proud of all our achievements, but the journey is far from over. Stay tuned to Ikookie for the latest in the world of home improvement.